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The coefficient of maneuverability of the functioning capital of L5 shows, what part of the functioning capital is immobilized in production stocks and long-term receivables. In our case value of coefficient increased, therefore, maneuverability of the capital decreased, dynamics negative.

Forecasting of possible financial results, economic profitability proceeding from real conditions of economic activity and existence of own and loan resources, development of models of a financial state at options of use of resources.

Compensation, its sizes, frequency and timeliness of delivery belongs to constant problems of economic practice, in a sense characterize the general state of affairs at the enterprise, are indicators of its wellbeing.

The analysis of a financial condition of the enterprise is based mainly on indicators as it is very difficult to bring absolute measures of balance in of inflation into a comparable form.

The external analysis is carried out by investors, of material and financial resources, supervisory authorities on the basis of the published reporting. Its purpose - to opportunity it is favorable to make investments to a maximum of profit and to exclude risk of loss.