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Uniqueness of the project consists that there is a real possibility of introduction to information turn of material unused earlier in traditional culture of Khanty, Selkups, Mansi, historical objects and natural reserved zones of the Polar Ural and Subpolar Mountains.

the Belltower (east) - the right inflow of Wet Syni proceeds. Having passed through a low watershed, tourists can go down on the Belltower, Wet the Son, the Son and Mountain Ob to pier Muzhi (in total about 300 km), from where by the trip steamship in 14 hours will reach Salekhard.

consisting of two inhabited and two uninhabited lodges. The simplified option assumes spending the night in wooden lodges, difficult - a lodging for the night in a taiga. From Michabichevnik go back down Shchugor (1 km), and then 2 km on the South through a taiga on the valley of a small streamlet to the Sibiryakovsky path. In this place a glade old, long ago the thrown

Camp site, camping. Are operated during the short summer period. Accommodation in 3-5-seater numbers in wooden one-storeyed cottages which are located directly on the bank of the lake, and in a camping (tent lager. Food - is independent. Kostrovy places are equipped. There is a summer kitchen, the ware is provided.

Descriptions of routes are intended for firms of organizers of extreme campaigns, given with notes in which the actions which are required for re-equipment of bases of geologists in camp sites are specified. Data of actions have to provide the necessary level of comfort on routes.