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During the operation of the equipment in the PER/B PR mode A in a path of transfer the group equipment of the mode A, and in a path of reception - the mode B is used. For the PER/A PR mode B, on the contrary in a path of transfer the group of the mode B, and in a path of reception - the mode A joins.

The cable devices working with parcels of a direct current are directly connected to channels of the P-318M-6 equipment. At a of connection to the equipment of startstopny telegraphs (CTA-2M) the last join via blocks of transitional devices of packing of P-318M PU.

The path of transfer is intended for transformation of bipolar parcels of a direct current to frequency-modulated fluctuations. It includes a cable chain of transfer, the frequency modulator, the generator, the amplifier of transfer and the strip filter of transfer. These elements are located in the channel PER block. In the BKK block the chain TG elements are located.

The linear equipment of a path of reception includes the transformer of reception of LT.PR, the variable extender of reception At. PR, extender U, differential of DT., 6-12/16-VEDOM switch.

Auxiliary devices provide a of the TG setup of channels, checks of serviceability of the equipment of each channel separately both equipments in general, and a constant control behind a TT channel.

The individual equipment of the P-318M-6 equipment consists of the individual equipment of six channels. The individual equipment of each channel has the transmitter block, the block of the receiver and the block of switching of the channel.

The P-318M equipment can be connected to the TCh channel in points with level - 13 dB (-1,5 Np) for a path of transfer and 4,34 dB (+5 Np) for a path of reception or in points with level of-5 dB (-0,4 NP) for a path of reception and transfer.

The group equipment of a path of reception of the mode A consists of the group filter of reception of the first group of channels 1 6 (GF.NCh.PR.), the first amplifier of reception (GR, US.PR - a group of reception (GR.PR.PR.), the filter of the lower frequencies (FLF) and the second group amplifier of reception (GR.US.PR-.

The linear equipment of a path of transfer turns on the DT differential transformer, the extender U, the extender of transfer of U.PER., the linear transformer of transfer of LT. LANE, 6-12/16-VEDOM switch.

Range of communication is defined by range a of the channel-forming equipment. If necessary range of communication can be increased by the organization of rereceptions which maximum number has to be no more than 3. The channel-forming equipment which channels by the P-318M equipment, has to work in the mode 4 with TV (4 TR).

One set of P-318M-PU ensures functioning of 3 cable channels at connection to them of ST devices, ensuring thus functioning of P-318M duplex (mode II) or a simplex (mode III).

Elements of the group equipment of a path of transfer are located in the GR.PER-1 block, a path of reception in the GR block. PR-1 and the generator of 2880 Hz in the GENE block. BORE. 288 the Group equipment of transfer and reception can as in the mode with transformation (the mode, and in the mode without transformation (the mode.

The device of telephone and telegraphic negotiations of P-318M-UTTP is intended for ensuring cable negotiations on channels of the P-318M-6 or P-318M-4 equipment and for providing an office telephone in the strip of frequencies of the telephone channel 300-1300gts which is not used for cable.

The generator of the channel generates fluctuations from Fncp+50 of Hz at a positive parcel or Fncp-50 of Hz at a negative parcel. In the absence of current in a cable chain the generator generates fluctuations of average frequency of the channel, than possibility of emergence of preobladaniye, in the two-frequency generator is eliminated.

The path of reception is intended for the WC transformation of fluctuations to bipolar parcels of a direct current. It includes the strip filter of reception of PF.PR., the US-OGR amplifier limiter., frequency detector, electronic relay of reception and cable chain of reception. In the block of the receiver of the channel all elements of the individual equipment of a path of reception, behind an of elements of a cable chain and the electronic relay which are located in the BKK block are located.