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But there was also something reducing the art and esthetic value of the musical art which blossomed during this time on the Parisian soil. The stunning effects and magnificence of opera statements sometimes only covered emptiness of the music; commercial interests created an unhealthy sensation round a platform, often turning it into a place of competitions of virtuosos of all colors and ranks.

Shopenovsky ballads and sonatas, scherzo and the imagination - like large organ creations of I. S. Bach - peculiar symphonies, and any two-lower case prelude or a mazourka on depth of a plan and the expressed feeling develops into the big poem, the exciting drama.

Chopin addresses open audience a little, avoids a big platform and noisy crowd of a concert hall. It seems to it that his art plans do not reach diverse audience and remain misunderstood. Variety gloss, airs, posing elements, which paid a tribute even such great actors as Liszt or Paganini, were integrally alien to distinguished nature of Chopin. Nevertheless its rare concerts turned into an original event of musical life of Paris.

Chopin's creativity is a huge world of unusual beauty. Listening to it you forget that you listen to only one tool - a piano. Before you boundless open spaces open, windows in the unknown distances full of secrets and adventures are cracked. And there is a strong wish that this new, again opened world, did not abandon you already never.

Just as in the XVIII century sound dynamics - crescendo and diminuendo - became the new means of expression which transferred the movement of emotions, so shopenovsky rubato in narastaniye and recessions - these almost inaudible intra clock delays and accelerations - became a transmission medium of difficult variability of moods, characteristic for romantic art of the XIX century.

At first creative work consisted mainly in finishing of the compositions written to Paris; over end begun or an embodiment of earlier conceived works. During this period in Chopin's music small piano plays prevailed: lyrical miniatures, dancing genres; the first series of etudes op is written and published. 10, some preludes. From works of large forms the ballad g-moll and a scherzo of h-moll are created.

Nevertheless day of departure came nearer. On October 11 a farewell concert at which Chopin executed the Imagination on the Polish subjects and a new concert of e-moll took place. And only three weeks later, on November 2 Chopin decided to leave Warsaw. The day before, at the party given by friends, presented to Chopin a silver cup with the Polish earth; it had to store it as a sign of fidelity to the homeland.

Despite of all disorders of life on Majorca including long lack of a piano, the creative portfolio of Chopin fairly was replenished: a cycle from twenty four preludes, the second ballad F-dur, op polonaise. 40, third scherzo of cis-moll.