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The small aircraft also participates in tourist transportations, especially on delivery tourists on natural and other objects, remote for other means of transportation. Services of small aircraft for excursion flights over the district of the tourist center are widespread.

Everything is more real on Yamal the idea to turn Polar Ural Mountains into a tourist zone takes shape. For some types of tourism – pedestrian, alpine skiing, historical and geological the region – an ideal place. Management of physical culture and sport of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area, the city of Labytnangi and settlement of Kharp work on creation of the concept of development of mountaineering on Yamal. Recently initiators flew about the territory of Polar Ural Mountains by helicopter and noted many very curious routes. If the concept created by them finds approval and support of the authorities, on its basis the district program of development of tourism will be created.

The Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area has a set of prospects in development of the tourist industry regarding exotic and extreme tourist routes. First, thanks to its big area, secondly, still bigger obscurity in respect of tourist routes and uncertainty to a wide range of fans of exotic types of tourism and professional tourists.

the radial – (statsionarna with visit of one point on a route. The option of radial movements from the chosen tourist center or a location with the excursion purposes providing spending the night in the visited settlements and objects with return back is possible. Thus for trips or excursions of a place in the initial tourist center remain for tourists.;

Water tourist routes. The most widespread – by boats of any kinds, yachts or other small size water vessels and watercrafts on system of lakes or rivers. It can be rowing or motor boats, rafts, and to pass a route through absolutely deserted areas and even to be category. The part of tourists prefers river or voyage on the comfortable liner – river and sea cruises.

Initial factor of which there is a concept the hospitable region, - human. People - the real richness of the North. The people occupying the North are very sympathetic, solid, hospitable that is important for creation at the tourist of a full picture of rest and satisfaction.

Ability of local administration to make capital investments in tourism infrastructure: hotels, vehicles (planes, helicopters - fleet), as the last – the main means of fast movement on the tundra.

The short description of a tourist route or travel – a sketch map (an illustration, the card, schemes, text descriptions of object. Traveling notes an essence of activity of the traveler – the short descriptions of a tourist route or travel made at commission of travel (or the pozena for own use for memory or as guide to action after repetition of this route, or for other tourists and travelers who will follow the same route or to visit these objects.

Campaign or tourist trip – the tourist service (a complex of tourist services, a tourist product) providing satisfaction of improving and informative needs of tourists (if a campaign multi-day) at organized active ways of movement or movement along a tourist route. Campaigns can differ on the purpose: improving, adventure (exotically, sports (category routes), educational and training, scientific and informative and others. Long excursion also belongs to category of campaigns. There can be foot campaigns, with use of means of active movement (bicycles, motorcycles, cars, rafts, kayaks and boats, other vehicles, up to air a sphere.

Formation of routes, rounds, excursion programs, granting the main, the additional and accompanying services make technology of tourist service, i.e. this formation of a concrete tourist product for satisfaction of need for tourist service.

for movement between tourist and objects local transport, and also the transport belonging to the travel agency organizing travel considerable part of a route is used are overcome on foot and other ways of active movement;

Air transport. The greatest share is occupied by air transport on long distances, including intercontinental across the oceans. With creation of large high-speed and safe air liners for passenger traffic tourist streams between continents were sharply intensified. For tourist transportations both trip routes and charter lines are used. The role and local aircraft is high, many routes within the countries with the big extent of territories provide movement by planes.