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In literature there are no data on changes of rates of development of plants in different geographical zones. There are only general instructions that at deterioration of conditions of growth life expectancy increases. It is noted that in arid and subarid territories with aridity strengthening aging of plants is accelerated.

On ecological scales of D. N. Tsyganov of a habitat of cowberry are in similar ecological conditions on factors of moistening and variability of moistening, illumination, acidity, the salt mode and richness of soils nitrogen, but at the same time considerably differ on floristic structure (Jacquard's coefficients do not exceed 40%).

Thus, the considered habitats are characterized by close values on ecological scales, but are quite various on specific structure that is apparently connected with some unaccounted factors (influence of the fires at different times, different anthropogenous influence, etc.).

Cowberry SPROUTS odnopobegovy, with two a little extended cotyledons and 2-8 assimilating leaves. Cotyledonous leaves from above dark green, brilliant, from below lighter, 2-2,5 mm long and 1 mm wide. The assimilating leaves 1,5-2,0 mm long and about 1,0 mm wide, the average vein at them is not expressed absolutely or very poorly. The root system is presented by the main thing and not numerous lateral roots of the II order.

Within four years age conditions of each zamarkirovanny partsialny bush of cowberry were defined. Schemes of possible ways of development of partsialny bushes separately for each initial age state (Prilozheni were made.

L.A. Zhukova and A.S. Komarov (199 suggest to allocate two types in the general nadtip of dynamic polyalternativeness: ritmologichesky and actually dynamic, or time (on duration of age states and rates of development).

M.R.Trubinoy (199 the facts of a delay of rates of ontogenetichesky development of individuals of a skerda roofing in the conditions of pollution are given. Besides, it is reported that cultivation of plants on pure ashes causes a considerable delay of rates of development in long-term types.

v-partsialnye bushes have all above-mentioned signs, but do not blossom and do not fructify. They will differ from virginilny plants in odrevesnevshy escape of the I order. Age of partsialny bushes of 2-5 years.

The extended escapes of cowberry polycyclic, polikarpichesky, taking roots and rising. Leaves leathery, long-term, next, elliptic or back ovoid, stupid or slightly vyemchaty, slightly jagged or smooth-edged with zavorochenny edge, 5-27 mm long, 3-12 mm wide, on the short trimmed scapes 0,5-3,0 mm long, from above dark green, from below pale with dark-brown scattered pieces of iron.