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To characterize the participation in process of the analysis and discussion' difficult speech frustration at children (to specify number of children, ­ - the medico-pedagogical conclusion about a condition of their general and speech development).

To analyse the contents and the main results of work with and parents. To specify number of open occupations, for parents, conversations (seminars, consultations and so forth) for and parents. To tell about the participation in work of faculty meeting of kindergarten, in preparation and carrying out PTA meetings in groups (quantity, the name of group, a subject), registration of evident and methodical materials for parents.

Level of a professional orientation (communication with children, ­ to them, care of preschool children, their development; an orientation on activity, overcoming of difficulties, recognition of the new; an for high-quality implementation of correctional process in special groups; implementation of creative approach in work; ­ independence when performing duties the logopedist.

Correctness of statement of the purpose and problems of occupation. Compliance of the purpose and tasks to a subject and content of occupation. Unity of correctional, and educational tasks. Adequacy of a choice of a speech to problems of occupation.

expressional party of the speech (general sounding of the speech: distinctness, speed, rhythm, intonational expressiveness, features of speech breath and of a voice; level of development of the coherent speech, volume and types of offers, quantitative and qualitative characteristic of an lexicon, grammatical registration of the speech, feature of a sound pronunciation), degree of formation phonemic, structure mobility of the articulation device; conclusion of the logopedist about a condition of the speech and long-term plan of logopedic work.

- to define and realize correctional, and educational tasks in interrelation, using various methods of psiyokhologo-pedagogical influence taking into account specific personal features of children of preschool age with deviations in speech ;

Possibilities of contact with group of children, ability to hold attention and to organize them for work, possession of methods of increase of an, interest and attention of children of preschool age, practical implementation of an individual approach to children taking into account their personal features, persistence in achievement of the purpose, manifestation of a step. Speech of the logopedist (availability, logicality, melodiko-intonational expressiveness and emotionality, features of diction, force, voice, speed and rhythm. Appearance of the logopedist, his behavior in the course of communication with children.

To tell about forms and methods of the carried-out educational work with children of preschool age. To call subjects and number of the prepared and held educational events. To open features of educational work with the children having different types of speech to note its main results.

"Use in work of the tutor of system of methods of fixing of of the correct pronunciation of preschool children", "Development of hearing in children with speech violations", "Preparation for school of children with fonetiko-phonemic violations of the speech", etc.