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It should be noted that the tactful and well-mannered person behaves according to norms of etiquette not only at official ceremonies, but also at home. Original politeness which cornerstone goodwill is, is caused by the act, sense of proportion prompting that is possible and that cannot be done under these or those circumstances. Such person will never break a public order, neither the word, nor an act will not offend another, will not offend its advantage.

It is necessary to call a title of everyone to whom talk. If the title is unknown, it is possible to address so: "Herr Doctor!". The word the doctor is not reserved as at us only for physicians, and it is used anyway at the indication of specialty or a profession.

One of the basic principles of modern life is maintenance of normal human relations and aspiration to avoid the conflicts. In turn the respect and attention can be deserved only at observance of politeness and restraint. Therefore to be appreciated nothing by the people surrounding us so expensively, as politeness and sensitivity. But in life we quite often should face roughness, sharpness, disrespect for the identity of other person. The reason here that we underestimate culture of behavior of the person, his manners.

Indispensable condition of communication is sensitivity. Sensitivity should not be excessive, turn into flattery, bring to anything to unjustified praise seen or heard. It is not necessary to hide strenuously that you for the first time see something, listen, taste, being afraid that otherwise you will consider as the ignoramus.

And it is valid, you probably had to witness as someone the third, watching the raged debaters, can put an end to misunderstanding by the friendly, tactful remark, sympathetic aspiration to understand the point of view of both debaters.